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Where Are Things Heading with Commercial Flooring?

POSTED 11.07.18

As if you didn’t have enough to think about. Flooring options for business owners continue to increase as the industry looks for ways to offer more design variety.

This is a good thing in many ways. Choosing because of style and uniqueness is finally catching up to things like concerns about traffic levels, maintenance, durability, and cost. Here’s a general overview of business flooring trends.

New shapes and sizes

It used to be only squares or strips. The new shape added to this mix is rectangles. Rectangular tiles have grown quickly in popularity, often overtaking traditional square tiles. It gives business owners the ability to have less of a “cookie cutter” repeated look on floors.

Bold colors

As business fight back against ecommerce with brick and mortar, they’re learning that a physical presence has to make a bold statement. This means bringing strong colors into design elements. Commercial flooring manufacturers are stepping up and offering trendy colors like teal, hot pink, and electric blue in accents that mesh with more traditional flooring to make vibrant pops of accent color.

It doesn’t mean that the old standards are being pushed aside. Stone, marble, and even wood will never go out of style – but it’s often too impractical or expensive for use in commercial spaces. Thanks to advanced digital graphics technology, sturdy and inexpensive porcelain tiles can be made to perfectly mimic high-end marble, stone, or wood. Business owners have the option to capture these natural looks without breaking the budget.

Upgraded old standards

Resilient flooring like vinyl, rubber, and linoleum are getting a new lease on life for use by businesses. Today’s vinyl flooring offers a massive extension of natural colors and can stand up to high traffic. Rubber flooring has become a popular choice because of its sound-absorbing qualities and comfort for both customers and employees. It’s also an excellent choice for business owners looking for ways to contribute to the sustainability movement. Many rubber, linoleum, and rubber flooring products are recyclable – or they’ve been made from recycled substances.

Polished concrete used to be a desirable option only if you were going for the industrial look. Today’s options – for new or existing concrete floors – offer an amazing array of customizing options that take you beyond that industrial vibe. Dyes, scribed patterns, and special sealings make concrete flooring highly desirable because of its durability and low maintenance. Concrete flooring is also environmentally sustainable. Learn more about how we can help you with concrete flooring.

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