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Concrete Waterproofing

POSTED 4.12.18

Surface Coating by American ProTech Surfaces - Floor Protection

Waterproof and strengthen your concrete up to eight inches deep. Protect it from deterioration caused by water intrusion from above and below. With our zero VOC, non-hazardous waterproofing product, your concrete will:

  • Self-seal hairline cracks that might occur from subsequent shrinking,settling, and shifting
  • Increase in compressive strength up to 23%
  • Protect reinforcing steel from rusting
  • Reduce radon transmissions
  • Prevent intrusion of water and chemicals

We can add this procedure to coatings, polishing, and when the concrete is mixed and the concrete can be coated on the eighth day after a water-proofing application. The internal waterproofing cures the concrete before 28 days and purges excess alkali and free lime from the concrete substrate.

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