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Let it Snow: Are Your Sidewalks Ready for Winter?

It’s not a trick question. Concrete sidewalks – and driveways – need to be protected from winter ice and snow if you want them to last. As this map of average winter temperatures by state shows, about half of the United States experiences temperatures at or below freezing. While we might think...

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How Do Garages Get So Dusty, Anyway?

What’s the first word that pops into your mind when someone mentions “garage”? If that word is “dusty,” you’d be in good company. Garages and dust just seem to be an inevitable combination. Often, we don’t pay much attention to how much dust is accumulating in the garage because we jus...

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Sous Vide: What You Should Know About this Restaurant-Style of Cooking Before Trying it at Home

Food inside a vacuum sealed plastic bag, cooked at low temperature? What kind of witchcraft is this? The method is called sous vide, and it’s used quite often in restaurants, where a large amount of food will be served throughout the day and evening, and it would be otherwise impossible to prepare...

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Polished Concrete Floors: Why Restaurants Choose It

It seems like it happened overnight. One minute, you didn’t see them. Now, it seems like every new restaurant – as well as every remodeled one – features a polished concrete floor. How did this transformation happen? Is it lasting trend, or just a fad? There’s a practical reason you see more...

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Where Are Things Heading with Commercial Flooring?

As if you didn’t have enough to think about. Flooring options for business owners continue to increase as the industry looks for ways to offer more design variety. This is a good thing in many ways. Choosing because of style and uniqueness is finally catching up to things like concerns about traff...

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What’s Living Beneath Your Feet?

Who doesn’t love ceramic or stone tile? It’s a dramatic look that enhances the interior of a room, and your overall home value. Another thing we love about tile is that it’s relatively easy to keep clean. Relatively. And, maybe not as clean or as safe as you might think. Tile texture and desig...

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